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What is the likelihood of becoming pregnant?

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How high are my chances of having children?

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How long do I have to wait?

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Does being overweight affect a pregnancy?

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My chances of getting pregnant?

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How fertile are you?

If you’d like to know how fertile you are, and how to increase your chances of pregnancy, you’ve come to the right place.

While most women of fertile age can get pregnant easily, a significant number have problems. But no matter where we belong, when we start thinking about having a baby, each of us asks the same question: How high are my chances of getting pregnant? That’s why we created Fertilomat – a unique service where you can calculate your chances of conception and receive tailored advice on how to boost your chances.

Our personalised calculation – called the Ferti-Index – is based on the the most up-to-date medical research on various factors that affect fertility. We assessed the results of several medical papers on each factor and developed a formula combining the findings. Fertilomat gives you an individualised result based on your answers to our questionnaire.

The online computation of Ferti-Index is a useful guide to fertility and offers advice on boosting your chances of pregnancy. However, we also know that every woman is different and she can be affected by other factors not included in the online calculation; therefore, if you wish to receive even better picture of your fertility, we recommend computing Ferti-Index with a doctor or specialist, who includes results of your medical tests and scans into the calculation. This doctor-assisted calculation is the initial formula from which the online Ferti-Index is derived.

Our Users about the Fertilomat

When I calculated my fertility index, I was happy to see that someone can finally give me a straightforward answer to my question of what my chances of getting pregnant are. Moreover, I also got useful suggestions that helped me to get on the right track!
Florence, 36 Years
Previously calc. Ferti-Indices

Fertility overview

The chart below shows the Ferti-Indices calculated so far with Fertilomat. After you have received your personalised Ferti-Index, you can compare your results with other women of your age by moving your mouse over the chart. The results of all calculations for each age are combined and the average Ferti-Index for each age is calculated. The green dots then show the Ferti-Indices over the average while the red dots show the Ferti-Indices below the average.

To show the highest Ferti-Index calculated so far for your age, simply type your age into the box below.

Are you a gynecologist / female specialist ?

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After an ultrasound follicle measurement and tests to measure hormone levels, your patient’s likelihood of conception is calculated – this is called the Ferti-Index.

No program installation is necessary.

As soon as the test findings are entered into the program, a state-of-the-art, detailed report with your practice logo will be available to you.

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